Human behind the penis

Human behind the penis

It is 100 pictures, but also 100 stories. Behind each picture is a life story. We touch on topics like prostate cancer, HIV and shame. Society and the media dictate how we think, how we should be.


"I have always loved to photograph men and their bodies but, like many other artists and photographers, have chosen to conceal the male genitalia. To maintain mystique and perhaps not tease sensitive eyes. But after a while, I started to get tired and think: what happens if you show everything. Or do the opposite. The face and most of the body is left out and you just focus on the cock. Can you do it without it being just another dick pic with bad aftertaste?"


Human behind the penis a book with photos of the male genitalia, depicting and addressing the vast variety of shapes and sizes of the penis, and the stigma caused by the owners concern and shame about its size or shape, when not being aware that there is in fact a wide range. A book teaching you how to appreciate and love your own penis.

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