Fox and Rose


Scandinavian Presence


Surrounded by old trees, Fox knew the secrets found here in the mist. He slipped under a fallen oak, into a clearing of soft grass and climbing vines. Roses dripped from the branches in reds, whites, yellows and pinks. Racing around the grove, he touched his nose to each flower for the perfect one. Pink was too sweet! Yellow was too sour, and a field mouse was sleeping in a white one. His eyes widened with joy as he spotted a velvety crimson rose. Delicately, he snapped the rose free. He would give it to his love. 

Beginnings collection #2. Exclusive art by Tekin Teker. 

  • The puzzle is 1000 pieces and measures 50x70 cm.
  • Non plastic packaging - the puzzle pieces are contained in an eco-friendly cotton bag within the box. 
  • Magnetic closure box with sleek design that will look great in your puzzle collection, bookshelf or on your coffee table. 
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